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Simply Pleasure

Discover the recent SEO strategy we delivered for our client Simply Pleasure & Prowler.

About the Project

Simply Pleasure & Prowler wanted to improve the organic search traffic and sales of their website Prowler Poppers. In just 1 one month we doubled their sales and saw even greater results from month 5 onwards.

Project Duration

12 months +


Increase Sales

What we achieved


Increase in Sales

In just 5 months we increased their sales from organic traffic by a whopping 364%. In just 1 month their sales doubled.


Increase in Orders

In only 5 months their average orders increased from 51 to 205, resulting in a 307% increase in MoM orders.


More First time Users

We also managed to increase the number of new users to the website. This grew from 1,892 to 4040 each month.

288% Increase in Impressions

As you can see from the graphs, the client saw a huge increase in impressions, taking their MoM total from 49,600 to 193,000.

254% Increase in Website Clicks MoM

258% increase in total keywords

In just over 1 year total keywords increased by 258%. We also saw an increase of 453% of keywords in positions 1-3.

323% increase in organic traffic

What we did

Strategy Overview

After sitting down with the client to agree on some attainable goals we immediately got to work on developing a strategy that would not just achieve these goals but surpass them.

Gaining the Competitive Edge

Content Gap Analysis

Our journey began with a meticulous content gap analysis. This process was crucial in uncovering valuable keywords that SoCo Therapies was not yet ranking for but had the potential to dominate.

Armed with this insight, we strategically expanded the website’s content to include these untapped keywords. This not only filled the gaps in our SEO strategy but also broadened the reach of SoCo Therapies in search engine results.

Analyzing Competitor Backlinks

We delved into the backlink profiles of key competitors to identify linking opportunities. By understanding where and how competitors were gaining their backlinks, we could craft a more targeted link-building strategy.

The Impact

This comprehensive competitor analysis allowed us to refine our SEO strategy, ensuring that SoCo Therapies stayed one step ahead in the highly competitive digital landscape.

Through detailed competitor analysis, we were able to identify key areas for improvement and opportunities for growth, significantly contributing to the SEO success of SoCo Therapies.

A Local SEO Approach

Expanding Digital Footprint

We embarked on an ambitious content marketing journey, focusing on adding new service pages and location-specific pages to SoCo Therapies’ website. This approach was not just about expanding the site’s content but strategically aligning it with the client’s target areas.

Local SEO Strategy

By adopting a local SEO strategy, we targeted various locations that were crucial for the client. This meant creating content that resonated with local audiences, ensuring SoCo Therapies appeared prominently in local search results.

The Impact

The result was a more robust online presence in both Google search results and Google Maps listings, leading to a massive increase in website visitors and client bookings.

Improving backlink profile

Local and National Outreach

Our link-building campaign was two-pronged: targeting both local publications for immediate relevance and national sources for broader authority.

Innovative Link Building Tactics

We employed unique tactics to secure backlinks from local publications and sources, significantly enhancing the site’s local relevance and visibility.

Authority Building

By reaching out to high-authority, topically relevant websites, we not only improved the domain authority of SoCo Therapies’ site but also positioned them as a credible player in the industry. Guest posting played a key role in this strategy.

The Impact

This comprehensive approach to link building fortified the website’s backlink profile, contributing to stronger domain authority and improved search rankings.

Establishing Subject Matter Expertise

High-Quality Blog Content

We focused on creating a wealth of high-quality, informative blog posts. This content was not just about quantity but was meticulously crafted to improve topical relevance.

Becoming a Subject Matter Expert

Our goal was to establish SoCo Therapies as a thought leader in their field. By producing people-first content that answered real questions and provided valuable insights, we positioned them as subject matter experts.

SEO Wins

This strategy paid off by not only ranking for hundreds of different keywords but also earning featured rich snippets on Google. This led to a massive increase in organic search traffic and higher click-through rates

The Impact

The blog became a cornerstone of SoCo Therapies’ SEO success, driving both traffic and engagement and solidifying their authority in the industry.

Client Testimonial

“We have used Espy Digital’s SEO services on a selection of our company websites in different sectors and the results have been impressive, especially with some of the restrictions our sites face.

Their level of detail and care from research to execution of strategy is refreshing and a big weight off the company as we know the best strategy and work is underway.

We have and will continue to recommend Espy Digital to anyone looking for SEO services.”

Simply Pleasure & Prowler